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About Us

I Dream Big Academy Charter School Is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity Foundation.

It Started With Just a Dream.


Started its first K-8th academy with 15 students in the summer of 2012.
Over the next few years, I Dream Big Summer Academy increased from 15 students to over 275 students. IDB became one of the largest summer programs in West Alabama.

IN 2021

The vision of I Dream Big Academy was birthed in 2012 as a summer enrichment program to provide a safe and nurturing place for students to learn and grow throughout the summer months. This was inspired after recognizing the need within our community of students and identifying a pattern of students performing below grade level in both reading and math. IDB developed a strategic plan that would encourage and allow students to have fun during a summer camp while addressing their academic needs. This effort to prevent a summer slide of learning loss while exposing them to fun, creative, and STEM-rich activities laid the foundation for the I Dream Big Model. The summer program began in 2012 with just 15 students. Within the first two years of operation, district leaders across Tuscaloosa reported a significant increase in academic performance and behavior of IDB students returning to school in the Fall. Each year, the program continued to receive positive reviews and expanded its enrollment, staff, and summer offerings. I Dream Big Summer Academy now serves nearly 200 students each summer and is one of the largest summer programs in the Tuscaloosa area. In 2021, IDB began a partnership with Tuscaloosa City Schools to expand its summer program to multiple locations throughout the Tuscaloosa area.

In 2019, I Dream Big conducted focus groups to DREAM even BIGGER and expand its summer program into the school term. If the summer program delivered profound outcomes within seven weeks, imagine what would happen if students were immersed in motivating and trusting environments that put them at the center of learning, exposed them to innovative STEM learning, and encouraged them to pursue their dreams relentlessly. After much research, the I Dream Big Academy Charter was formed in 2020. We are trying to break barriers and put more students on STEM and Entrepreneurial pathways driven by passion and interest. Let’s reimagine education and create environments of passionate learners and meaningful outcomes. There is no limit……let’s Dream Big!